Santa Fe Wine & Chile’s Champagne of the Year

Champagne Taittinger

Congratulations to Champagne Taittinger for being honored as the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta Champagne of the Year. As one of the largest family-owned vineyard owners in the Champagne region, Taittinger champions a deep attachment to the land, consistent monitoring of quality, and a profound love of the vines. Every team member is proud to be a winegrower and a real artisan, working tirelessly to preserve the unique style of the Champagne House. Managed by the Taittinger family for nearly a century, the Champagne House’s enduring pursuit of excellence is palpable in every bottle. Their careful cultivation of the vineyards and passion for the craft ensure the creation of great champagne. Make sure to check them out at the following events: Reserve Tasting & Silent Auction, Live Auction & Guest Chef’s Luncheon, Grand Tasting, and the Champagne Dirty Boots Brunch.