Adam Lapierre, MW

Adam Lapierre, MW


Mr. Lapierre is one of only 56 Master’s of Wine in the U.S. He brings over two decades of wine expertise to Vint.

Prior to Vint, Mr. Lapierre was the President of Vinfolio.  During his time at Vinfolio, he led national adoption of direct-to-consumer sales of rare and collectible wines. Prior, he served as Director of Purchasing at retailer Lidl, and before that, National Sales Manager at Frederick Wildman and Sons, one of America’s oldest and most prominent importers of fine wine.

Mr. Lapierre’s work at Vint is focused on identifying investment opportunities and scaling Vint’s sourcing and distribution networks.

Mr. Lapierre serves on the Education Committee for the Institute of Masters of Wine and regularly judges at top wine competitions around the world.