Nathan Mayes

Nathan Mayes

Chef/Partner Paloma Restaurant Santa Fe

Nathan is chef and partner of Paloma Restaurant. Growing up in Austin and Santa Fe, Nathan has worked in several acclaimed restaurants in both cities, as well as New York. Currently focusing on Mexican-inspired cuisine, Nathan emphasizes the integrity of ingredients and the craft of cooking from scratch.

Chef’s Statement

Growing up in the American Southwest, my home always smelled of roasting chiles, simmering beans and free garden herbs and vegetables; these ingredients found their way into every dish, down to the salsasand salads accenting the meal. The food at Paloma pays homage to ancient Mexican cooking traditions, while incorporating the innovative vibe of Santa Fe. In the Southwest, Mexican cuisine and culture are inextricably ingrained in the identityof our food. At Paloma, we take those Mexican influences, examine them, and bring them into the spotlight. As ac chef, I find it easy to make meaningful food when I understand the story behind it. New Mexico’s historic farming practices and seasonal bounty drive our menu at Paloma. By treating the ingredients with respect and a simple approach, we enjoy Turing local New Mexican ingredients into memorable Mexican-inspired dishes.


Paloma is a vibrant restaurant with a Mexican-inspired menu of lively, modern dishes. Everything I our kitchen is made from scratch; our recipes are authentic, with fresh interpretations of regional Mexican cuisine.Paloma is mezcal and tequila focused, with a festive selection of agave-based cocktails, as well as a full bar to provide classic cocktails, beer, and wine.We will welcome you with the warmth, kindness and energy we yearn for when we think of Mexico.

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