Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta

Sllin Cruz

Sllin Cruz


Sllin Cruz came to the U.S. from Mexico at age 13 and got his start in the restaurant business as a dishwasher in Park City, Utah. After moving up the ranks the old-fashioned way, from dishwasher to sous chef to banquet chef, Cruz made the most of each opportunity presented to him.

His first job in New Mexico was in Taos, at El Monte Sagrado Resort, but eventually he made his way to Santa Fe.

“The cuisine in Santa Fe is making a huge impact now, so we have a lot of tourists and a lot of foodies that come here,” says Cruz. “I decided I wanted to keep moving forward in my career, and Santa Fe was the right place in that moment. I came over and didn’t know anybody, but I decided to make my way.”

If you appreciate fine dining in Santa Fe, you likely have eaten food prepared by Cruz, whose sojourns include Las Campanas and at Bouche under chef Charles Dale.

Hand-picked by Eric DiStefano, the late highly regarded founding chef of Geronimo, to be his successor, Cruz has not disappointed in living up to the creative and professional standards set by his predecessor.