2014 Featured Artist: Cody Brothers

Posted on September 18, 2014

The 2014 Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta Featured Artist is New Mexico native Cody Brothers, and this year’s poster features his wonderful black and white photograph Special Delivery on The Santa Fe Trail. Of his passion for shooting film. “I still shoot manual cameras, there is a magic in having to pick four or five shots,” says Brothers, “you have to not only know what you are doing, but also be selective about what you’re doing.” Choosing to shoot in black and white, Brother’s feels a sense of New Mexico’s roots emanating from his photos. “Photography is a basis for what art in Santa Fe has been.” says Brothers, “Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keeffe… Santa Fe is a mecca for photography.”

Brothers’ preference to shoot in black and white is complemented by his desire to be a part of the entire process from conception until execution. “I’ve worked in labs since 1991, and now I own the lab where I process the film.” Brothers adds, “photography has lost some of its impact because of its digital aspect, it’s still an art form the way I do it.” Cody Brothers’ photographs are truly art in their purest form born of passion. “I’m pretty impassioned about my work. I am truly blessed and love what I do, and my hope and goal is that this is evident in my pictures,” says Brothers.

Cody Brothers is a New Mexico native currently residing in Pecos, NM. He and his wife own and operate Visions Photo Lab in Santa Fe, which allows him the ability to be present for each step of his photographic vision.

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