Greg Quiroga

Greg Quiroga


Greg Quiroga is our auctioneer tonight, and he is excited to see you! After two years of virtual events, Greg is fired up to be back in-person with a live crowd.

San Francisco’s premiere fundraising auctioneer, Greg has been conducting fundraising auctions for non-profit organizations across the United States since 2004. He works with over 50 non-profits, schools, foundations, arts organizations, and charities to help raise over $15 million a year.

He also works with wine auctions nationwide, including the Sun Valley Wine Auction, TumTum Tree Foundation, MUST! Charities, the Manhattan Wine Auction, and the Guadalupe Center in Naples, Florida.

Greg always brings a fiery combination of passion, humor, and heartfelt engagement to the stage, but especially now as we all are returning to in-person events. “It is so rewarding to be able to engage people face-to-face to support a great cause,” Greg says, “and to remember that it is the human connection that brings us all together.”

The founder of Stellar Fundraising Auctions (, Greg and his wife live in San Francisco with their son, Ryder, who sold his first auction lot when he was just four.