2023 Robert Striffolino “RIPPLE PLAY"

2023 Robert Striffolino Poster - size 40"x 40" 

Robert Striffolino was born in New York in 1950 and was raised on Long Island. Although from his childhood he could draw spontaneously with extraordinary skill, he never took a formal art class, feeling that his drawings were so personal he could allow no one—not even teachers—to interfere with his art. 

“The affinity I have always felt toward Nature continues to fuel my creative drive. Painting continues to intrigue and impassion me providing new ways to stretch and grow. For this I am grateful. It has been a constant companion and certainly my major mode of expression throughout the years.” Robert S. 

Hot Air Balloon Wine Glass Charms

Hot Air Balloon Wine Glass Charms

Help round out your party theme with these adorable hot air balloon wine glass charms! Also, helps your guest quickly identify their glass!


Rosé All Day Shirts

Rosé All Day Shirts Pink

Bucket Hats

Nantucket Red & Cactus

Brim Hat

Brim Hat Stone


Branded socks


Chile Friday vintage bandana

Art Long Sleeve Shirt Mushroom

2023 Artist of the Year Artwork Long Sleeve Shirt